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Afro-Eurasia and the Americas in the 15th and 16th Centuries

Think about different trading networks in Afro-Eurasia and the Americas in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Before the integration of the Americas into the world economy, Europeans traded with Africa and Asia. With the “discovery” of the New World, Europeans also began to trade with the Americas, giving rise to what we know today as the “Columbian Exchange.” What were some common trade routes before the 16th century? How did trade networks work before and after 1500s? How were they different from one another? How did the Columbian Exchange influence different parts of the world namely, the Americas, Europe, and Africa?
B. Imperial wealth and court traditions shaped cultural trends in Asian empires and Europe from 1500s to 1700s. Consider the developments in imperial monumental art, bureaucracy, sciences, and religion across the world during this period. Can you explain the ways in which imperial wealth impacted the bureaucracy, monumental art (and cultures of splendor), and trade of empires around the world? Please remember, you have to be able to discuss the significance of concepts, places, and monumental architectures from a historical perspective. How did the emerging world economy impact these societies in the 17th and 18th centuries?
C. Think about the social and political revolutions that occurred in the Atlantic world between 1750 and 1850. Think about the global impacts of the “New Ideas” of the Enlightenment on sociopolitical currents around the world. Compare and contrast the French, American, and Haitian revolutions. How did each come about? What types of changes were established in each society? Pay attention to notions such as popular sovereignty, free trade, and social contract when describing each revolution. Were these inclusive revolutionary movements? Which groups were excluded? .
D. Think about the relationship between industrious revolution, urbanization, and industrial revolution. How did industrializing societies change in the 18th century? What impact did industrious and industrial revolution have on families, gender roles, etc. in Europe? How did European industrialization impact trade and wealth in other parts of the world? What kinds of reaction did industrialization and European encroachment on weaker societies induce in different societies? In other words, what were some of the alternative visions that emerged during this period, envisioning different futures?
E. The global order changed in the 19th century, as many societies started to respond to the changes that were taking place as a result of industrialization and emerging industrial capitalism. How did people around the world respond to the major changes of this new world order? How did people in Asia respond to the new global order, and how did people in Europe react to the changes? Some of the topics you need to consider are the Chinese Opium Wars, the Taiping Rebellion, Indian Rebellion of 1857, Tokugawa Shogunate’s reaction to European trade, liberalism, socialism, and Marxism among others

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