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Visit the Project Libre Website ( Download the “community edition” free project management software.Project Libre WBS EntryUsing the example of the office relocation project as provided below, enter the WBS elements of your selected project (selected project is GMA EIP - see attachment) into Project Libre. As you enter each element, double-click the element to display the task information screen. Scroll to the “Advanced” tab and enter the WBS element number. After entering all WBS elements, right click on the “i” column and indent each WBS element under its respective top-level element. You may now click on “View” and “WBS” to see the WBS view in Project Libre. Your resulting WBS should appear similar to the Office Relocation example provided:Office Relocation WBS Example.podProject Libre Activities EntryOnce the WBS deliverables are entered in Project Libre, you can now “layer in” activities required to produce the project deliverables. This is done by “right-clicking” on the “i” column to the far right of the data entry table, and then clicking on “insert”.- Enter your project activities into Project Libre and submit for grading. Your result should appear to similar to the Office Relocation Project Example:Office Relocation Example_Layered Activities Over WBS.pod

Click on “view” and “resource” in order to navigate to the resource sheet. Once in the resource sheet, enter all resources that you intend to use in your project. Populate the entire row for each resource including cost per resource and calendar. If you are unsure about the values, provide an estimate.

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