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Literature Analysis in Child and Youth Studies

Literature Analysis of two assigned journal articles in child and youth studies. Informed by the course material, students will be equipped to compose their Literature Analysis that will include
(i) a 1 page introduction that briefly summarizes each article,
(ii) a body section that conducts a Literature Analysis of each of the 2 articles,
and (iii) a 1 page conclusion that indicates which article was more effective and why?

Each body section requires conducting a 2 written page analysis of each article that answers the following questions:

What is the main argument of the article?
Is there a theory or are there theories that guide the analysis of the article?
What type of research method(s) is/are used to secure data?
Is it quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods?
Does it include primary or secondary data?
Who is a part of the sample population?
How is the data generated? (surveys, interviews)?
Has the author written a methodologically sound article? Why or why not? Be sure to support your response with evidence.

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