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Environmental Scan of the Public Health of Community

Clinic Name:

#1)The purpose of the assignment is to understand the community context of the patients served by a community-based primary care clinic and its feeder or referral hospital. The assignment is an environmental scan designed to develop a better understanding of the problems of access to care and good health from the perspective for people living in a specific target community. Conduct an environmental scan of the community from a medical and public health perspective. Give me a summary about the clinic.

#2)Define and Map the community.Define and map a region 2‐3 mile radius. Learn what you can by seeing the geographic context of the clinic including where it is located (jurisdictions), what is around the clinic and what else can be observed by its location on a map. Points of interest could include parks, hospitals, major freeways, public transportation routes, hospitals etc. I would like a reference in APA with a link to the data. If you could include pictures or map would be excellent.

#3)Data scan. Do background work and research data that can help you understand the health status of the community, the sociodemographics of the population (age, SES, race ethnicity), access to care, the capacity of the delivery system and related determinants of health. Don’t be restricted to health in the narrow sense. Be creative such as looking at crime statistics, drug and alcohol data, mental health date, or even housing and unemployment data. I would like a reference in APA with a link to the data.

#4)Policy scan. What ordinances or laws are in place at the local level that could affect the health of the community? These could include zoning ordinances, noise ordinances, or even tobacco products or restrictions on retail liquor outlets. Please include reference in APA format with a link.

Simple breakdown of instruction
1)Description of the clinic (define its function in the community, location, services provided, staffing etc.)
2)Data scan: use of local data, health of the community, demographics, etc.
3)Neighborhood scan: description of the community, data, pictures, etc.
4)Policy scan: local policies that affect the community and population

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