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The American Government – Its Principles, History, and the People Who Designed It

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The Constitution of the United States established America’s national government and fundamental laws, and guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens

It was signed on September 17, 1787, by delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

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In modern times, the terms “democracy” and “republic” are commonly used interchangeably, especially in reference to the expansion of citizenship and rights to previously disfranchised groups. However, the distinction between a democracy and a republic is significant. Democracy: A form of government in which ultimate authority is based on the will of the majority. In a pure democracy (from the Greek demos, meaning “people”) the citizens participate in government directly, rather than by electing representatives. One of the challenges in a direct democracy is that there is no protection for the inalienable rights of minorities, leading to the possibility of tyranny by the majority. Moreover, direct democracy is susceptible to changing passions that can lead to mob rule, as well as demagoguery that can lead to tyranny

The form of government established in the U.S. Constitution is sometimes called a representative or indirect democracy. Republic: A form of government in which the people are sovereign (ultimate source of power) and give their consent to representatives to make laws. The term, republic, comes from the Latin res publicae, meaning “thing of the people.” In a republic, the will of the people is filtered through several steps, making it less likely that a majority faction can endanger the rights of particular individuals or groups.

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The delegation of judicial, legislative and executive authority to unelected bureaucrats has battered the system of checks and balances of the government. This has been the cornerstone of American democracy. It has resulted in the concentration of power in the hands of few agencies and departments of the executive hence paving way for an aggressive development of powerful clique of civil servants charged with formulation government policies and performing other functions of the Congress. Unelected civil servants are manipulated at the whims of the president. Because they serve under the executive arm of the government; they are subjected to political control by the president hence making them effectively political and partisan (Krason, S. M

(2012). Delegating the authority of running the government to them is a risky endeavor because they can be compromised and influenced. The president is slowly losing grip of executive control over the unelected officials; this is because of the security of tenure of the unelected civil servants and tough procedures of their removal. The president can no longer hire and fire unelected government officials, the alternatives to this system involves observing and implementing the constitution to the latter; the constitution stipulates the duties of every arm of government (Woolf, 2005).

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As has been noted, American government has grate public policy according which such decisions are made through which citizens’ life quality is improved. American government also pursue economic policies that enhance the strength of an econoy and in order to have strong economy federal government always search to achieve three major goals, which include stability in price, economic growth and reduction of unemployment

The American government has some issues in its foreign policy, which includes national security issues and environmental issues that are needed to be resolved.

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