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Interview -- Transcript and Description of Your Interviewee

Interview someone who will give you any kind of information you might need to develop your business plan project. It might be someone with content knowledge, it might be someone you need for the project, e.g., someone who can help fund it or provide space for it or let you help him/her with a business already in operation. It could be your mom, if she has an ebay store or your uncle, if he has a heating and cooling company which has no website. Write a description of this person is and why you want to interview him/her, figure out and note his/her contact information, figure out the steps you'll take to set up an interview time/place. Explain what you hope to get out of the interview.

Once you have prepared, conduct your interview. You should record your interview so that you can write the transcript later without rushing as the person is speaking. Afterwards, transcribe it by listening to it as you write everything that was said. Include notes if needed (e.g., "Her voice started to shake and a tear came to her eye."). You will be turning in this transcript, along with an introduction to the interview explaining why you chose the person, what you learned, and how the interview went, what new questions you have, etc.

Something to keep in mind – How can I get this person to tell me a story from his life, something that will teach me more about this topic?

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