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Shafritz, Jay. M., E.W. Russell, and Borick, Christopher P.. 2012. Introducing Public Administration. 9th ed. New York: Logmann. ISBN-13 978-1138666344

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Public administration is a multitude of intellectual fields such as political science, law, medicine and health, economics, sociology and social work composed into a general focus (Shafritz et al, 2012, p. 72). Public administration can be traced back well into history and attempts to establish a basis of formal authority, laws and rules which organizes people and groups into specific spheres based on specializations and expertise. Most importantly, members within these spheres practice public administration in order to implement policies within society. An example of this would be the ongoing pandemic that has affected an array of public spheres such as medicine, economics, and education. The public service workers throughout these fields have had to make decisions on how to complete their jobs or provide services based on federal and local guidelines. The workers in turn, as well as the policy makers, are public administrators. This ultimately affects our lives because if an individual depends on these services, they have to adjust how they receive them, economically they might need to receive aid, or have to seek medical services. Due to public administration touching an array of topics, it is both a science and an art. It ultimately depends on the individuals who work within the field and the individuals who use it. Does public policy play a role in how you perform your job?

2.) Could and should public administration ever be totally separate from politics? That is the first question we should ask ourselves. This sort of conceptualization began with Woodrow Wilson (1887) and continued with Goodnow (1900), in that both founders rested their models on what they viewed as the fundamental distinction between politics and administration. These two go hand and hand and should not be totally separated but then again could be viewed as separate entities. There was a study on three schools which were called separation, political, and interaction. The two of them, the school of separation and integration schools, appear to stand as polar extremes, showing the differences among scholars with the respect to public administrators political roles. The interaction school thinks that public administration does and should relate to politics. I personally feel that it is still up for debate on whether they should be two separate entities or if it should be one but I also feel that even thou separate, they still work hand in hand as one unit but keeping their own spaces to do what they have to do keeping their titles and operating on their own. There are so many views on to how politics and administration can never relate because of the standards they hold when even thou Politics is for providing guidance, and Public Administration is for providing neutral competence, they still need each other to fulfill the overall value of everyday activities. This is what I personally feel.

3.) Public administrators are the people who carry out and manage the actions of public and non-profit entities. City planners, firefighters, forestry agents, and the list goes on and on. Personally, I have been in the Air Force for 17 years and I am affected by public administrators daily, in fact I consider my self one. A great example of how my life is impacted by public administrators, would be the COVID-19 pandemic that has recently devastated many countries in the world. Locally here in Tennessee, the department of health advises local government on steps to take to keep the community as safe as possible. Lock downs, mask mandates, and emergency National Guard testing clinics are just a few examples of actions taken. On a much broader level, because I am in the US military, international relations with other nations can have a huge impact on my work here and even possibly create a situation where I have to go to another country to enforce some public policy decision.

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