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Project Assignment: Designing Your Sample

Building on your design
Last week you worked on a designing a potential self-report or observational measure. This week you will continue with your potential project design by continuing to refine your project ideas and figuring out how you will sample your population. Again, this is a potential project and you may change your project design at any time. These assignments are to get you practicing what you need to do.

What you need to do
This assignment is meant to get you working on your final project. Make sure your theories and hypothesis are things that can be tested in our current socially distanced environment and within the scope of reason. For example, do not give a theory or hypothesis that includes a group of people you have no access to (i.e. the incarcerated or children or whales). You will be graded on the amount of thought you have put into how feasible each of these hypothesis are as well as how concise (measurable) you have made your hypothesis. For example, do not say, "People who eat more vegetables are more likely to be sad."

Come up with 2 theories. General ideas about something.
For example, I think that people who exercise are happier.
Come up with a hypothesis related to each theory
People who exercise 30 minutes per day 4 days per week will report higher levels of subject level of happiness as measured by the Subjective Happiness Scale.
Write the following sentence to determine the independent and dependent variable for each hypothesis:
_________ depends on ________; therefore _________ is the dependent variable and __________ is the independent variable. I am looking for an (increase/decrease) in ________ because of __________.

For example, Subject level of happiness depends on exercise therefore subject level of happiness is the dependent variable and amount of exercise is the independent variable. I am looking for an increase in happiness because of the increase in exercise.

4. For each hypothesis discuss:

What is the population of your research?
What is the population of interest?
What will be the sample and how will it be obtained?

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