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Computer Science Essay

1. Why is it important to use the tags when creating your login file? What will happen if you forget to enclose your file with these tags?
2. What is the advantage of keeping login details in a single place?
3. Why is the "require_once" statement preferable than using the "include" statement when including your login files that will need to access the database?
4. Why is the "require_once" statement used instead of "require?"
5. What three parameters are required when connecting to MySQL?
6. Explain the use of the "die" function and in what situations would you use this?

1. Why is it important to close a database connection?
2. What is the function of $_POST?
3. Why is dropping a table considered dangerous?
4. What is the purpose of using locks?
5. Describe one method in preventing SQL injections.
6. Describe one method in preventing XSS injections.

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