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"Speaking of Courage" By Tim O'Brien vs "Soldier's Home" By Ernest Hemingway

Tim O’Brien and Ernest Hemingway are both veterans of war. Each writes stories to display the effect of war on themselves, society, and soldiers in general. Compare and contrast the styles, themes, and ideas conveyed by O’Brien and Hemingway and argue who delivers a more effective story.

Both Norman Bowker and Harold Krebs have trouble readjusting to life after the war. Compare and contrast Hemmingway’s “Soldier’s Home” to O’Brien’s “Speaking of Courage” in order to argue which story is most effective.Topic/Point Sentence- Create a sentence that identifies the single topic of your paragraph and makes a point about that topic. This may be in response to a question, an object, or a specific piece of text.

Commentary- 1. You should then comment on your point. Why are the topic and the point that you are making valid and or important?
2. Clarify your point/perspective. To do this, you may use examples from the text, from experience, from general knowledge or whatever is appropriate
3. Provide a quote-This anchors your argument into the text that you are studying. Find the absolute best quote to help prove your point
4. Explain how and why the quote that you chose is proved the point that you are trying to make.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until your reader is 100% clear on your point.
6. Close your paragraph with a statement that reinforces the importance of the topic and the point.

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