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The Development of the Health Care in USA

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The social, economic, and political development of any country depends on the ability of its citizens to contribute toward common goals. For this to be attained, the population needs to be in good health to engage in productive activities. Health care in the United States should be prioritized if the American Dream is to be realized

Despite this reality, the private sector has over the years focused on economic gains in the provision of health care services, ignoring the importance of health care for all. To guarantee universal access to health care, only the government should be entrusted with health care provision.

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The policy was to cover the factory workers and the tradesmen. The growing concern for health led to fraternal organizations and some mutual protection societies to offer limited health coverage to for their ill members. The modern group insurance policy is traced back in the 1910 when retailer Montgomery Ward solicited what was currently referred to as the nation’s first multi-workers health insurance policy. The strategy was arrived at through a plan laid down by the London Guarantee and Accident Co. situated in New York. The nation was years away from a proper health plan that would pay for hospitalization and medical care of the workers. No plan existed in the 1900s, and even primitive surgeries took place in the homes. Hospitals were homes for the mental patients that were operated by the nuns and nurses, treating specified religious or ethnic groups. The circumstances made various businesses to put strategies to help the workers. The aftermath of the Second World War enabled the penetration of health care provision by the employees.The plan and choice of the care have greatly influenced health care in America today. The science of medical care has positively developed, and the debate over who is responsible to pay the health care was fomenting. On the negative, the health insurance has led to unpaid hospital bills that have further caused bankruptcy, late mortgage payments, and outpacing credit-card bills. Paul Starr notes in the journal that the arguments that health insurance policy would yield savings for the society were a strategy meant to please the business. The current trend is that health insurance is compulsory in the U.S

for every worker, though the policy is proving costly to the workers. Health insurers currently have control over the pricing of the benefits making the doctors be worried about the policy. The development of the health care cover by the employees has enabled the current American citizens to enjoy a wide variety of insurance cover depending on the socio-economic status.

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The employed family members and the government in America contribute to the insuring citizens. Some Americans buy the health insurance cover while the other remainder remains un-insured. The city governments and counties, state federal, and other private hands claim or even own healthcare facilities in the U.S. Further, the non-profit hospitals are sharing a bigger hospital capacity, and they have remained stable for years (Boorstin, 1992)

Additionally, the ownership of hospitals is private and profit valued more as compared to the government hospitals owned by the government in some locations by cities and counties with healthcare services. Moreover, there is a strong relationship witnessed between the health insurance coverage and medical services insurance. The health insurance determines the difference of whether the people access necessary medical care and when they receive their care. According to Henslin (1991), the current political and economic climate in the U.S helps in changing the approach of America’s healthcare. Merely, the government pumps more funds on existing model and it does not improve the public health sector in general. Instead, James believes that the healthcare reforms must centre on the multi-pronged approach (Henslin, 1991). Additionally, sociological choices and conditions need to be advised or modified. He argues that shifting emphasize on the medical system to prevent it from remedies. This will also involve a bigger number of the primary-care physicians and more valuable it requires alteration of the societies view on the importance of doctors. Moreover, the American government and citizens should bridge healthcare disparities received by the ones on higher and lower socio-economic brackets (Boorstin, 1992).

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In short, the universal health care may not be as free as it is perceived. As much universal health care may have some weaknesses, it strategies that can be used to ensure that the large populations of American not insured get access to medical care. Diseases that require additional medical attention should thus be given special considerations.This way, Americans will have made a crucial step in ensuring that all the citizens have access to medical care.

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