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Case on Ethics

As stated in previous modules, please read through the entire scenario and responses and consider how scenario based discussions in ethics can vary significantly based on the life experiences and the values of each individual. It is these very differences that lead to a necessity of ethical codes within intelligence communities and organizations in order to guide ethical thinking and training towards a mutually agreed upon ethic. It is interesting that all parties questioned on the ethicality of this scenario agreed unanimously, unlike previous scenarios. Yet Olson also reminds us that the use of truth serum violates the U.S. 5th Amendment right to not self-incriminate. Consider also how this violates the rights of autonomy, mental integrity, and privacy.In this particular scenario, there is evidence to suggest that the individual questioned does in fact belong to a terrorist organization and is therefore a legitimate target. The target is believed to have information about a pending terrorist attack, and therefore this case would provide just cause to carry out some form of interrogation. However, because the use of truth serum is considered a form of torture according to international law, one could argue that because the target’s autonomy is stripped away, this method of interrogation would not be justified.Be sure to examine this scenario through one or more theoretical ethical perspectives. What are your thoughts on this?

Sources you can use:
Bellaby (2014). The Ethics of Intelligence: A New Framework . New York, NY: Routledge.
Birsch, D. (2014). Introduction to Ethical Theories: A Procedural Approach. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press.
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