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Dissertation Project

Background of dissertation:
1.1 Overview of the Project
During the final year of the degree you are required to carry out a substantial piece of independent study called the Project, to demonstrate that you have developed the necessary skills to be able to carry out a systematic study.

This involves research and the design, implementation and evaluation of an artefact that solves a particular problem relevant to your course of study.

The Project provides an opportunity for you to display your ability and pursue your academic interests in a piece of individual work, to integrate concepts learned during your studies, to carry out your own research, and to acquire and practice skills and expertise beyond those obtainable through taught units.

The Project poses problems different from those associated with other units on the programme.

First and foremost, is the choice of project topic. You will have developed an interest in specific Computing and Informatics topics from your experience in education and on industrial placement, and the project is an opportunity to pursue some aspect to a depth beyond that which is covered in the taught part of the course.

You will be assessed on your ability to critically evaluate alternative approaches to solving the problem, to present a sustainable solution(your artefact), and to demonstrate an awareness of published work relevant to your project.

An essential element of the project is that you must identify and define the subject and scope of your study. In doing so, you should demonstrate your ability to analyse the problem.

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