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Personal Leadership Statement

The first part will be submitted as a statement of personal philosophy. One great way to think about this is as a job interview. If someone asks your philosophy, what would you tell them? If someone asks how this philosophy will lead to success or what sets you apart as a leader, what would you tell them? (High Athletic Director at a Title I school)

Self-reflection is a difficult task and takes time to turn into words. While you may have a good understanding of these components, much of this information exists as tacit information (makes sense in your head but hard to communicate and put into words). Use the leadership theories to help you and take your time. You can pull from different theories that have resonated with you to create your own philosophy or approach to leadership.

WRITTEN PORTION: The philosophy you create should be a direct reflection of personal ethical and moral stances and should include information on all of the following areas:

Personal SWOT Analysis-should be extensive and should clearly communicate deep thinking
General Philosophy
Individual Development of yourself and your followers
Team Development as the leader
Leadership Style
Personal SWOT Analysis: Many times on an interview, you will be given a task to complete. For this class, perform a SWOT analysis of yourself. If you do not know what a SWOT analysis is, please look it up. Basically you evaluate yourself internally and externally. Internally, the SW: strengths and weakness. Externally, the OT: opportunities and threats. The SWOT should serve as a foundation from which you build your philosophy and understand your leadership approach.

General Philosophy Section: Your philosophy is your own interpretation and there is no need for references. However, if you choose to use quotes to help define your philosophy, then the proper APA citation and reference is necessary. Consider your personal story, the types of leaders and coaches you find yourself drawn to, quotes/music, etc. when developing your philosophy. You are encouraged to package this cleverly. Examples are Row Your Boat, All In, acronyms, etc. Show me who you are OR who you want to be as a coach!

Leadership Style Section: This section will consist of a description of your leadership style and your personal philosophy’s impact on how you lead and motivate. Throughout the semester, we have discussed multiple leadership theories and you need to select a few theories (1-3) that help develop and enhance your philosophy to include in your discussions. In addition, you should also discuss why this philosophy will work in modern day athletics. Be creative and thorough. Prompts to consider but do not have to be implicitly answered (they are just here to get your wheels turning):

How does a person’s leadership style affect overall decision making? With team discipline? Team policy / department policy?

What factors influence team culture? Where role does the coach/administration play in developing and maintaining team culture? Can you change team culture?

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