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How Managers Become Leaders and Managing Your Boss

How Managers Become Leaders and Managing Your Boss

Begin with a brief summary of the articles and then address the following issue(s). Yes, this is a bit of an odd pairing; but it was purposeful. As we have talked about before, the shift from a functional perspective to a strategic perspective is quite challenging. The scope and complexity of the job increases, and the new leader can feel overwhelmed and uncertain. The skills they used to earn the promotion are often no longer adequate. They now must confrontbigger issues, strategic agendas, new opportunities, and larger than ever problems and threats. To achieve this, one article suggests that we engage in serious introspection and make “seven seismic shifts” in order to cope. The other article emphasizes the realization that even as a manager we are also still a subordinate; that we must consider ourselves half of a partnership. One says that you probably won’t or need to change your basic personality; but rather try to understand what there is about yourself that helps or hurts your boss’ efforts. The other urges us to make challenging changes, even to our way of thinking; even implying a purposeful shift in “neural activity”. Some students sense a disagreement inherent in the two articles; others reconcile them. Do you sense a disagreement, or do you sense that they fit together nicely? It’s been my experience that the answer to this type of question involves our personal predilection for either right brain or left brain thinking.

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