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Organizational Dynamics Health System Assessment

Part A: Describe the selected organization/healthcare system. What is the purpose and/or mission of the organization?
Part B: Discuss the organizational leadership chart. Who is the leader or leaders? What is their responsibility? How are they chosen? What is their term of office? How is their accountability/productivity measured?
Part C: What are the major components, divisions, departments or units of the organization? How is each unit organized in terms of leadership? What are the major services of each unit?
Part D: How is performance measured within the system or organization?
Part E: In relation to healthcare, what has been the organization’s major impact within the last ten years?
Part F: In terms of your own critique, has this organization significantly impacted on healthcare? If you could change anything within the organization, what would that change be; how would you accomplish the change; and how would you measure the impact of the change?

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