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Persuasive Speech

To be persuasive it is imperative that you know your audience, and your audience for this speech will be your instructor and your fellow classmates. Using what you learned Week 1 when you introduced yourselves and what you have learned about each other since the first week via discussion board posts, and viewing each other’s speeches, etc., look at the demographic traits of your classmates such as age; gender; religion; sexual orientation; group membership; racial, ethnic, or cultural background; and the like.

Prepare an audience profile of this class using the demographic characteristics mentioned above. After you complete your analysis, write three pages in proper college format discussing what you found; provide a brief demographic description of your classroom audience and answer the following questions

Which categories were easiest to determine and why?
Which required more guesswork? Explain.
Which characteristics do you think are the most important for the speeches given in this course?
Given all the demographic data you have collected in your analysis, how will this affect your use of language in your persuasive speech next week?

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