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Police Reform George Floyd

Police reform is an issue that has been brought to the forefront of the national news over the last few months, beginning with the death of George Floyd. Activists, politicians, interest groups, and others, have developed proposals for reform. Legislators have created policy agendas around police reform, pushed forward bills in Congress, and engaged in political debates on the topic of police reform. For purposes of this exercise you will make a well -reasoned argument that either supports or refutes qualified immunity as a policy “problem” that should be part of the policy agenda within police reform. As you create your argument you will imagine you are working for a legislator in your area. You must use support for your argument. This is not an opportunity to present an opinion.You must demonstrate your understanding of the materials, applying what you have learned to your analysis of the issue. Areas to consider include: defining the problem, gathering evidence, policy goals, the elements of agenda setting, and an examination of whether an idea is ripe for the agenda. You may choose to do additional research to support the components of your argument.

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