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Feminism in La Haine by Kassovitz

This story about three guys from a different cultural background but living together in a project in Paris.

Please, answer the following questions related to the three major sociological perspectives:

1. FUNCTIONALISM. What would be the project's function in society (manifest, latent, dysfunction) and how we can see that in the movie? And also, why is anomie happening?

2. CONFLICT: Explain the movie through the duality/confrontation of bourgeois (owner, exploiters) and proletariat (workers, exploited), how Economy defines the fate of the characters and how/why the revolution is trying to take place.

3. FEMINIST PERSPECTIVE: Explain the (very limited) role of women in the movie.

4. INTERACTIONISM How the three main characters interact? How are their different households? How does the gun work as a dramatic symbol during the whole movie?

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