Instructions How to Write

Child Development Article Critique

1. Pick a topic that interests you about child development.
2. Find an article on your chosen topic from a reputable, professional, peer-reviewed journal.
3. Read it, think it over, read it again.
4. Start to evaluate your chosen journal article.
Here is what I want you to consider as you critique your article:
Introduction/Literature Review
1. What topic is the researcher addressing?
2. What are the variables being studied? What are the researcher’s hypotheses?
3. What have other researchers already discovered about this topic?
4. Did the authors identify a theoretical framework? If so, what was it?
1. What approach was used for the research? (ex: quantitative, qualitative, multi-method)
2. What are the characteristics of the participants or subjects? (ex: number of participants, ages, etc.)
3. What did the participants actually do and how did the researchers collect data?
4. Did you detect or suspect any participant or researcher bias?
1. What were the results? Do they support the hypothesis?
2. What statistical tests did the researchers use when they analyzed the data? (ex: chi square, ANOVA)
1. Do the present research findings support/agree with previous research?
2. Were there any unexpected findings?
3. What are the implications of this research? What new research does it suggest?
4. Based upon the author’s description of the participants, apparatus, materials, and procedures, could we
replicate this experiment? Explain why or why not.

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