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Comparison Between Greek and Roman Architecture

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Greek architecture has been noted as some of the world's finest buildings known to man kind

Such as the Parthenon, and the temples they built to their Gods, have been studied over for many years. The way these structures were built is fascinating.

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Roman architecture was also inspired by the Greeks. Each architectural types had the particular ‘post and lintel’ style of building, which basically involved using columns held collectively by a lintel with an entablature on leading. The columns were created beautiful in the Greek architecture to form about three designs: the Doric, Ionic plus the Corinthian. The Corinthian was your most adapted design among Roman architects. Typically the Romans however developed the particular Tuscan and the blend designs, which were all inspired by the Greek designs. The first distinction between the two architectural styles was the materials used inside their construction. The particular Greek favored marble plus limestone, mainly because these were readily accessible in Greece. The Romans on the other hands perfected the use of concrete in their buildings

Although they occasionally applied marble and limestone, typically the main structure was made from concrete, while marble and limestone were utilized for decorative purposes. Concrete proved to be typically the best building material, since Roman structures are still inside existence, while Greek buildings have been wiped out.

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Roman architecture was significantly influenced by the Greek architectural tradition. Similar to the Greek, Roman architects loved using columns in temple building, both decorated and simple ones (Kleiner, 2016). They used the same principles of logic and order when constructing their buildings, and their engineers spent much time calculating the proportions and making sure the construction will survive any natural and man-made disasters (Bunson, 2014). Indeed, some of the best examples of the Greek and Roman architecture are still well-preserved despite their impressive age, which proves that the ancient architects managed to achieve the unprecedented level of mastership. The Roman experts invested reliable and impressive arches, vaults, and domes that were unthinkable in the ancient Greece period (Bunson, 2014). These innovative constructions were much more durable and allowed to include more impressive decorative elements

Moreover, compared to the Greek architecture preferring the strict Doric style, the Roman architecture favored the more vibrant and pompous Corinthian ornamentation (Jones, 2003).

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To summarize, Greek art facilitated to Roman art through borrowing a number of different styles from Greek art leading to emergence of some good structures. The use of concrete by Romans led to strong structures that are durable to date. Some of the structures are of great economic benefit as they are used as tourist attraction centre. Through these arts many advancements were made in construction leading to various designs today.

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