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How Can Strategic Management Have an Impact on Attracting Organization Growth in the Hospitality Sector of Bangladesh? a Case Study of Marriott Hotels.

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Marriott Hotels believes that the hotel and hospitality industries must focus on the social media strategy. They use twitter a lot to solve the queries of customers and share the new and data about their hotel sing many other social networking sites

In each country, the Marriott Hotels focus on the marketing depending on the customers and culture of the country. The marketing approach for this hotel industry is, “one size fits all” in which they conduct this approach to all the operations.

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The differentiation Strategy is the ‘generic’ approach chosen by The Marriott Hotels to market it products in the highly competitive hotel industry. Marriot International is an enterprise that has successfully employed the business-level generic strategies

The business is a global franchise or and a lodging and hotel facilities entity. These products display the Marriott facility to be the one of the top players in the accommodation sector, and the phenomenon is projected to be stabilised for a number of future years. This projection is anchored on the various competitive advantages at the disposal of the company (Marriott International Brands 34). These advantages include cost, uniqueness, and their competitiveness extent. The Marriott Global Incorporation follows a variety of strategies at the entrepreneurial level. The plans are showcased by the Marriott’s vast brand portfolio that enables them to command a strong market presence in the hospitality industry. This approach is part of the strategy for the entity persuinng differentiation. The Marriot Incorporation differentiation plan is factored in developing a service and product that satisfies, in a unique way, the need of its customer. The approach is affected by the provision of several options of lodging that ranges from average to premium priced packages. The secret of value-addition offered by the uniqueness of the firm warrant it to peg a higher premium charge for hotels in the upmarket.

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It is important for the Marriott hotels to identify the internal and secondary data. Focus groups and surveys were used for those travelers who stayed at extended nights in the hotel. It is important for the Marriott hotels to identify the internal and secondary data. Focus groups and surveys were used for those travelers who stayed at extended nights in the hotel. There is a huge potential for the increase in customers whose changes may change. Marriott needs to increase and improve its position to capture customer and their business. The Marriott management is successful in marketing research for the development of segmentation strategy to attract various customers with the provision of various options, services and products. The diverse offerings provided by Marriott have appealed to wide number of customers and have made Marriott win great business

For the marketing success in future, Marriott is hugely dependent on the continued reliance on marketing research (Hutt & Speh 2012, 34).

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In sum, Marriott international is a global leader in hospitality and lodging management and is showing rays of continuous prosperity and dominance in the future too. Its operation is expanded to America, Europe, Asia and Africa Marriott international is more active in Asia region as the development is going on the faster pace countries like China and India. Marriott international is expanding to new places and while keeping the repeat guest as well.i.t going through mergers and acquisitions and splitting the segments that are not profitable. Marriott international has substantial amount of competition but still Marriott can impress the guest.

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