Instructions How to Write

Jean Kilbourne’s “Jesus Is a Brand of Jeans”

Jean Kilbourne’s “Jesus Is a Brand of Jeans”.
Basic Guidelines:
• Include a brief summary of your chosen advertisement in the beginning to make sure your readers will have a clear and accurate view of what the author of this ad is trying to accomplish.
• The body of the essay needs to develop and support the claim you articulate in your thesis.
• In your analysis, strive for depth rather than breadth. In other words, say a lot about one or two key things rather than a little bit about many things.
• The closing portion of your essay needs to do more than merely restate the key ideas you’ve discussed in the body of your text. For example, consider a conclusion that speculates on the impact of the analyzed essay’s claim in the larger context of the subject area or topic being discussed.
Rhetorical Situation:
• Purpose: To examine an advertisement and make a claim about its effectiveness
• Audience: Someone who is unfamiliar with the ad
• Mode: Evaluative/Causal/Analytical
• Evidence: The analyzed ad; optional use of the assigned reading. No outside sources.
• Voice: Formal

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