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Ecological Inventory

Select an individual to work with.

A child or adult with a disability – This person could be someone with a disability that is supported by the school or agency where you are completing a practicum or are employed. Ensure that your placement supervisor has reviewed the assignment and given you the okay to complete the assignment. See the consent letter format in the Tools and Templates folder in your course. When you design the ecological inventory in this option, design the skills list for a person the same age who does not have a disability (non-disabled peer).
A child under the age of 12 developing typically– You can also choose to complete the assignment with any child in any setting. You will need to obtain consent from the guardian of the child. When you create the skills list for this option, design the ecological inventory for a child at least 2 years older so that a useful comparison can be made. This way you are artificially creating skill limitations.

Obtain proper consent.

You are required to obtain written consent before you complete this assessment from the guardian. This includes if the person is your own child.
Use the sample consent form in the Tools and Templates to assist you with the consent letter design.
You must submit the signed consent letter as a separate file in the assignment drop area with the assignment. Assignments without the required signed consent letter will not be opened or graded by the instructor.
This functional assessment consists of the following requirements:

First, create the ecological inventory by selecting the domain, environment, applicable five sub-environments and ten activities. Select the skills needed by a most peers without a disability who are the same age as the person for whom you are designing this assessment. If the person is developing typically, design the skill lists for a person at least two years older and indicate this somewhere on the assessment. Provide a key to indicate how you will record the performance that is observed. See the format below and the sample for more clarification.
After the ecological inventory is created, complete the student inventory by observing the individual carrying out each of the three activities that you identified. Record the level of independence that you observed for each skill component.
For each of the skills that the person is not able to complete on his/her own, provide a simple discrepancy analysis.
Finally, for each skill with a discrepancy analysis, make a recommendation on how to have the person participate more independently in the future.
To maintain confidentiality, remember to use a pseudonym for the person and the agency and include a statement of confidentiality at the beginning of the assignment.
As part of the assignment, complete a discussion after the environmental assessment is complete.
The overall assignment should be 4 to 5 type-written pages, including a title page.

For this assignment use the headings that are provided below.

Title Page

Learner Description
Indicate gender, age, and current living-working or educational arrangement of the individual the ecological inventory is designed for
Maintain confidentiality at all times – use a fictitious name and identify the type of service rather than the name of the agency. Place at statement of confidentiality at the beginning of the assignment.
If the individual has a formal or suspected diagnosis it may be appropriate to mention it here. If the person has been developing typically and you have designed the skills list for an older child, please indicate this in this section.
Ecological Inventory

Identify the curricular domain you are analyzing. Choices may include residential, educational, vocational or community
Identify the environment you will be considering in this domain
Identify a minimum of five (5) sub-environments that exist in this particular environment
Identify ten (10) functional activities which take place in one of these sub-environments
Identify the skills involved in three (3) of the above mentioned activities. The skills should be listed as they would be performed by a peer of similar age who does not have a disability. Be specific and include all steps of the activity.
Provide a key that instructs how to record the observations made. The key should have three (3) different performance levels.
I – done independently

With – skill is done with assistance or cues

For – skill is done by another individual

Student Inventory
Observe the person perform each of the activities. Record the performance level the person required to complete each of the skills in the activity.
Use the key to indicate how each skill area was performed by the person you are observing.
Discrepancy Analysis
For each of the skills in the inventory that the learner was not able to perform independently, conduct a simple explanation as to why the person was not able to perform that skill. Use your skills to write observably and objectively. Indicate what the person did that was different than what was expected (the discrepancy).
For each of the skills in the inventory that the learner was not able to perform independently, make simple recommendations as to what could be done to help the person participate more fully in that activity. There are three options – Teach, Adapt and Nothing as this time. Provide a brief explanation.

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