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Preparing and Recovering to Terrorist Attacks

Q1: Based on your readings thus far from the text and your own research, what would be your immediate first steps involving the recovery process from a terrorist attack? What are some of the key issues you might face and have to address? What role could or should faith and faith-based organizations play? What does the Bible tell us that may help?
Q2: Based on your readings from the text and your own research, do you see terrorism in the future such as less, more, or about the same? More violent, less violent, more organized, less organized, etc.? Explain your thoughts. Do you think terrorists would use WMD (CBRNE) if they could? Why or why not? What do you think would be their WMD of choice?Finally, please share your thoughts about the course. Did this course cause you to change your mind or opinion about anything related to homeland security? What was it? Why or why not? Maybe something was reinforced. If so, explain. What was the most important thing you learned in this course and why?

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