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Protect Buried Pipe by Reinforcement Soil

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Buried pipeline systems are classified as „lifelines‟ since they carry essential materials for the support of human life

Therefore, damage of these systems can result in heavy loss of functionality with the consequential interference to the economic and social recovery in the areas where the damage occurred and, also, at the end of the „lifeline‟, possibly allowing illnesses and epidemics to develop.

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Understanding the distribution of earth pressure on buried structures is essential for the analysis and design of pipes, tunnels and vertical shafts.The method allows for a continuous pressure profile to be measured around the pipes using flexible sheets that can follow the cylindrical shape of the pipes. The physical model involves a buried pipe installed in granular material subjected to strip surface loading. The effect of introducing a geogrid reinforcement layer above the pipe on the distribution of contact pressure is also examined

To further study the distribution of pressure on the buried structure and the soil-geogrid interaction, numerical analyses are performed using a multi-scale finite-discrete element framework that allows for both the explicit modeling of soil particles using discrete elements and the modeling of the embedded structure using finite elements. The numerical framework is first validated using the experimental results and then used to investigate the detailed behavior of the soil-pipe system.

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Even though, or perhaps because, buried pipes are popular, they may suffer from insufficient quality control, resulting in poor installation, and little or no inspection and maintenance. To evaluate the behaviour of pipes embedded in soils, there are different methods out of which some were of great significance such as field studies, experimental studies, numerical analysis, that each one is of interest in understanding one aspect of soil-pipe interaction, and also proper to predict pipe response. A large number of studies have been carried out in this respect by researchers (A. Marston, and A. O

Anderson, 1913). Geosynthetic application is one of the engineering solutions which employed to improve the behaviour of foundation beds [M. G. Spangler, 1941]. Although, some researchers have studied the pipe response in planar reinforced trench soil, but there is little literature studying the pipe behaviour in geocell reinforced trench subjected to surface loading.

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In conclusion, to develop a technology is essential to use geosynthetic reinforcement to protect underground pipes (either existing or new pipes)against damage from construction or traffic. The geosynthetic reinforcement is laid across the trench between the surface and the top ofthe pipe.

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