Instructions How to Write

Looking for Change Analysis

Part 1:
Answer these questions:

1. What was your overall reaction to the film?

2. What is the prevalence of “underbanked” or “unbanked” people in the US? Provide statistics from peer-reviewed sources, in addition to any information from the film that you care to include.

3. What does it mean to be underbanked or unbanked, and what are the implications to that, in real life? (Use peer-reviewed sources here, too)

Part 2:
Explain how Debbie’s student loans impact on her ability to pay her bills and grow her business. What limitations are there on her entrepreneurship?

Part 3:
Answer these questions as the last section of your paper:

1. What are the implications of these types of situations for social work? How can social service agencies change or improve their mission to help people like those in this film? Apply at least one concept from your textbook to help support your answer.

2. Pick one of the families/individuals in the film. Explore some options that the family/person might have, here in Central Florida, to move in the direction of their goals, and provide a concrete action plan. Provide explanation for why you make each suggestion and why you think it would work. Focus on applying a generalist model of social work practice, and using a strengths-based perspective.

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