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Developing the Goals Plan

1.Using the goals/treatment plan template form posted on Canvas, develop a goals plan using Goals, Objectives and Action Steps for that client’s problem—make sure that your Goals Plan only addresses one problem related to the traumatic incident. Please use the Goals Plan Template Goals Plan Template.docxPreview the document to include the following in this section:
Provide a description of the problem-discuss your assessment of the problem with your team partner and briefly the specific problem and describe what caused the problem.
Identify and describe one goal that will address the problem-goals are short and broad statements.
Identify and describe 1 objective to meet that goal. Make sure your objective has the 7 steps that were discussed in class. Also see powerpoint on Canvas.
Identify and describe 3 action steps to meet that objective above. Action steps can be short statements that are bulleted.
Include all information on the Goals Plan Template--which includes the modality, frequency of services, etc.

2.Provide a critical analysis of the social worker’s style in working with the client in this session.
Overall, what did you think of the social worker’s style throughout the session?
What is your assessment in how the social worker introduced and explained the Goals Plan? What could the social worker have done differently? Explain.

3.When you go into your internship and later in a social work job: what will be the most challenging part for you in developing goals/treatment plans? Explain sufficiently.

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