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Video Review About Race "Class Divided"

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Jane Elliot opted to perform a descriptive experiment in order to see if a particular set of stimuli would bring about discriminatory activities in her students

She separated students into blue eyed and brown eyed groups, the blue eyed groups being given superior social status. She began to demean the intelligence, punctuality and other aspects of brown eyed people.

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The children learned that discrimination has a tangible affect on their performance in everyday activities. Elliott has gone on to do the exercise with numerous adults and almost without exception the participants' abilities, such as reading and writing, are grossly affected. Jane Elliott's approach is especially relevant today. It demonstrates that even without juridical discrimination; hate speech, lowered expectations, and dismissive behavior can have devastating effects on achievement. Black members of the blue-eyed group forcefully remind whites that they undergo similar stresses, not just for a few hours in a controlled experiment, but every day of their lives. Although these concepts are food for thought… they are merely preludes to the main course. The most important lesson to be learned here is that just one person can make a difference.

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To conclude, "A Class Divided" is an excellent example of a movie review on sociology

A class divided is an epic film depicting escalated levels of racism, discrimination, and prejudice. Bearing in mind that discriminatory behavior is fostered in the mind and the perspective people have on each other, I realize that I can either perpetrate or avert inequality.

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