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Reflection on IEP Meetings and Development

Watch and reflect on the IEP Meetings list in the instructions, required course reading, group discussion (if applicable) and course presentations to answer the following reflection prompts. Please be sure to provide an in-depth analysis of your learning experience with regard to the following questions: What do you feel went well in the meeting? What could have gone better?
1. What do you feel went well in the meetings? What could have gone better?
2. What is the role of professional collaboration in promoting the well-being of children with disabilities across educational settings?
3. When you think about participating in a real IEP meeting in your future professional role, what factors will you consider with regard to communicating and collaborating in culturally responsive ways with families, personnel from related service providers, and community agencies?
4. What new perspectives or insight did you gain about the roles of the various members of the IEP team?
5. If you could change any one portion of an IEP meeting you viewed or participated in, what would it be? What would you change about it?
6. What was the one most useful or meaningful thing you learned through this assignment? Why? How will it help influence/shape your future actions?

Sample IEP Meeting

Successful IEP Meeting

A non-collaborative IEP meeting

The IEP Team Process: Chapter 5 - The IEP Meeting

IEP Meeting Role Play

IEP team meeting – BSU - group 5

George Washington Mock IEP Meeting

Do's and Don't of an IEP Meeting: A Survey of Meeting Strategies

Mock IEP Meeting: A Middle School Student`

The Best Me I Can Be - Module 5

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