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Video Review About Gender Ang Sexual Orientation "When Did You Choose"

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Those who oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians often justify their stance by suggesting that being gay is a “lifestyle choice” (and a sinful one at that)

This is an argument that requires assuming someone would choose a lifestyle that has historically doomed an individual to hostility, alienation, legal discrimination and violence.

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There’s been a lot of good work, both scholarly and popular, on the social construction of homosexual desire and identity. As a result, few would bat an eye when there’s talk of “the rise of the homosexual” – indeed, most of us have learned that homosexual identity did come into existence at a specific point in human history. What we’re not taught, though, is that a similar phenomenon brought heterosexuality into its existence. There are many reasons for this educational omission, including religious bias and other types of homophobia. But the biggest reason we don’t interrogate heterosexuality’s origins is probably because it seems so, well, natural

Normal. No need to question something that’s “just there.” But heterosexuality has not always “just been there.” And there’s no reason to imagine it will always be.

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Sexual identity cannot be determined prescriptively in terms of other dimensions of orientationsuch as attraction or behaviour. There may be overlap between these dimensions, to a greater orlesser degree, for an individual

Not all men who have sex with men will identify as gay.Similarly, people who have sex with both men and women might not identify as bisexual.Indeed, research has shown the prevalence of same-sex attraction to be higher than same-sexbehaviour, while those who develop gay, lesbian or bisexual identities, and find community,comprise the smallest subset (Laumann et al 1994).However, from the review of surveys that have collected data on sexual orientation/identity,both in the UK and internationally (Betts 2008; Taylor 2008b), it was apparent that little or nopre-testing of questions had been carried out.

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In the final analysis,if evangelicals just accepted that you can be born gay, then things would be better. “God doesn’t make mistakes, homosexuality is a sin, therefore you weren’t born gay,” is a horrible argument. If God is infallible, then He has a reason for some to be gay. Stop trying to think for God. Conversion therapy is useless

Forcing homosexuals into heterosexual behavior doesn’t fit and only helps pass the traits along. The irony is if the evangelicals simply ignored homosexuality that fewer homosexuals would procreate, diminishing the “problem” on their collective eyes.

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