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Company Resale Website Analysis

Throughout this course, we have explored the evolution of electronic commerce and how it is used for communication and business, selling and marketing on the Internet, supply chain management in eCommerce and social networking. We have also considered the legal environment within eCommerce and examined ethical issues.
For your final project, you will create a website for an eCommerce business of your choice. The
final project will be submitted in two phases:
 Phase 1, due in Unit 4, will include a topic paper and the task of setting up your website.
 Phase 2, due in Unit 8, will be the completed website. Phase 1 will be incorporated into the Phase 2 website.
 Identify an eCommerce business you would like to start.
 Describe your eCommerce business, including:
o Marketing Strategy
o Revenue Model
o Social Media Marketing Strategy
o Electronic Commerce for Purchasing Strategy
o Mobile Device Solutions
o Internet Buying and Selling Stratgey
o Supply Chain Management Strategy
o Legal and Ethical Issue Consideration
 Describe the web pages you will need for your products or services.
 Provide the link to the website.

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