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Gender Racial Inequality

1.Summarize the movie or documentary. What new information did you gain as a result of watching?
2.Reflect on your learning, how would you apply the course concepts to what you learned. Think about your own experience with the community and newly acquired factual information. Relate what you learned to the critical concepts in the course: internalized oppression, social identity, gender identity, interracial relationships, Anti-bias goals, FRAME, RERUN, othering, gender socialization, racial bias, privilege, contact theory, cognitive bias, equity, and culture. How does the movie fit within a specific lens (or lenses) of diversity?
3.What were the iceberg differences between this culture/religious beliefs and your own? Discuss your level of contact you had with this community (first experience, somewhat familiar, etc.)? Describe your single story related to this cultural group. Relate to your personal experiences, and outside research.
4.What are the bias and stereotypes targeted at this community? Cite your sources. What biases or pre-conceived beliefs? Are there any support groups or advocates specifically for this population? If so, please list. Cite all resources.
5.How can you apply what you learned in your work with children? Specifically, what will you do differently as you work with children as a result of learning more about this community? How will you bring awareness of this community to your classroom/parents/staff or coworkers?

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