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When Children Are Killers

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Time and time again, just when we think that the world is finally becoming a better place, we are shocked with news of brutality committed by children. We do wonder, what’s become of the kids who are supposed to be spending their days watching cartoons and playing with the kids around the neighborhood. Who has robbed them of that childhood innocence? Are we, youth and adults who make up the rest of the world partly to be blamed? The question of whether or not man is predetermined at birth to lead a life of crime is a question that has been debated for decades. Serial killers are made not born; it has been demonstrated that a man 's initial years are the most vital years. A youngster 's initial couple of years is a period of experimentation, a period to make sense of things for themselves, a period to set up the bits of the riddle

Like a newborn child, the mental health is reliant on its environment. A youthful youngster 's mind resembles a wipe; it gathers data through perception. The surroundings of a serial killer as a little child can enormously impact the way he or she will go about his or her life and his or her style of murdering. Certain experience, for example, youngster misuse, divorce, liquor misuse, tyke disregard, as well as medication misuse, can be negative to the advancement of a little child. Numerous serial killers were illegitimate kids. Due to their childhood and early backgrounds, serial killers swing to crazy murdering frenzies.

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There are two significant tasks that a person who is raising a child should do; these two task are very important for a young child’s psychological development. The first task is to give confidence to the infant’s impulsive gratification. It is imperative that the toddler finds the basis of self-image and self-esteem, the majority of which comes from his or her source of life. Many times serial killers had not developed self- confidence as children. The second task is to provide support for the child. When a child experiences negative affects, a parent has to be the base, and provide adequate support for the child. This will help teach the child how to cope with painful feelings and situations when they grow older. Also when raising an infant, the role model must establish his or her psychological organizations so as to guide infant in the right direction. Adults who had been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused as children were three times more likely than were non abused adults to act violently as adults (Dutton & Hart, 1992); this aggression is a big factor in turning men and women into serial killers. The aggression surfaces and culminates in a sequence of atrocious sexual murders as well as fierce and brutal procedures

All of this is to repress the years of defenselessness and degradation the serial killer went through when they were younger. They grow up with a lack of idealization, where they fail to develop an ego, which is usually learned from their father.

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Although there are cases of accidental killings by children, these cases are few. Killings by children are caused by circumstances, motivation, trait, or by accident (Ramsland)

Circumstances include a child growing up in a violent neighborhood such that the child is exposed to gangs and gang activities, as well as the admiration of violent role models. These children join the gangs due to emotional or financial needs, and participate in gang activities such as robberies, illegal drugs dealings, and other tasks that the gangs require them to do. A child who kills within a family does so from the motivation of hatred, expected gain or on demand by another family member (Ramsland). Ramsland also points out that some killings by children are a result of mental illness, and he gives the example of 15-year-old Sam Manzie who invited 11-year-old Eddie Werner, raped him, and killed him. Manzie was a victim of child abuse and he exhibited signs of mental illness (Ramsland). Kids who decide to kill others in school, are under the motivation of revenge because of previous perceived wrongs done on them, hence this is a closure for them. In 1997, 14-year-old Michael Carneal shot at a group of students thereby injuring 5 and killing 3 using a gun stolen from a neighbor (Armold, 2007). Jesse’s father hit Jesse frequently, and humiliated him even before Jesse started committing crimes (Davis, 2003). Barry Dale Loukaitis was a victim if severe bullying at school, he was urinated on, and shoved into toilets before he decided to take a class hostage and to commit murder (Brunt, 2012). The case of Mary Flora Bell also had cases of child abuse. Mary’s mother was a commercial sex worker, and she exposed Mary to sexual abuse, violence and drugs (Jensen, 2012).

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In conclusion, instead of just being guardians, every mum and dad should master their parenting skills and support their children in every area possible which they need attention. Parents need to be continuously educated via classes or PTAs in school to help them cope with the stress of raising children. Research shows that increasing the awareness of parents about home and child management, and enhancing the development of excellent communication skills, healthy emotional ties, and parent-child bonding helps with kids being normal and well balanced. Parents need to ensure that they’ve done the most important job of all- to give their children values, and this is what translates into ideas, dreams and a sense of purpose in life. Parent and even teachers should educate children on the beauty of loving one another and kindness, being honest and the necessity of freedom. Parents need to give kids consent to sacrifice for goodness. Children own a natural sense of mission

They intuitively feel that their lives have a higher purpose. Once parents fail to cultivate and refine this sensitivity, it can wither, and that’s when sometimes the wonderful children can turn into human-killing monsters.

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