Instructions How to Write

'Royal Beatings' by Alice Munro

Story: Alice Munro; 'Royal Beatings'
Other short stories: Charlotte Perkins Gilman: 'The Yellow Wallpaper
James Balwin : 'Sonny's Blues

Essay should have 3 parts,introductory paragraph, a body containing fully developed paragraphs, and concluding paragraph.
Introductory paragraph:
1 clearly identify a minimum of 2, but not more than four, story features that you believe are essential to an enjoyable story.
2 provide the main reasons why the features you’ve chosen are indispensable to a good story.

Body paragraph
1. discuss the features you’ve chosen one by one, in separate paragraphs your comments with evidences(eitrher paraphrase or direct quotations) from one or more stories.

Concluding paragraph
1 summarize the significance of the story features you’ve selected as essential to a story’s success.

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