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Child Development

For example, did you love the Waldorf Schools and want to teach in a school just like it? Pick that one. Did you love the materials of Montessori, the theory of Vygotsky, and the experiences of Reggio? Go with that.
Now, develop a presentation for a school that you’d like to develop. This can be your dream school. Your audience would be perspective families. Cover the topics that we’ve discussed:
the philosophy,
how it is developmentally appropriate,
discipline (conflict resolution),
family engagement,
You should be the teacher in a specific class in the school.
Tell us the age of the children in your class
Have fun with this. Apply what you’ve learned this semester about the topics. I want to know all about your program.
Have a separate page for each point. What’s your school’s philosophy, what does your curriculum look like, etc? These do not need to be full pages, but they do need to demonstrate that you understand each topic and what it should look like in a class for young children. Think of what you might put on a website.
If you use someone else’s ideas, you must cite your source - APA style. Do NOT plagiarize. Cite your sources. (you are welcome to use our class book and/or anything else I've given you as a source.)If you have any questions, ask, please!
Consider how your presentation looks. The information is obviously what's important but you can include photos to enhance it. Explain what you do and why you do it.
Please don't make this look like a child made it or with cartoon animation. This takes away from the professionalism of the project.
This can be done using whatever presentation software you'd like, Prezi, Keynote, Adobe Sparks (you have access to this through your GCC account), etc.

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