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Enviromental Autobiography

One’s personal experiences can shape the way that environmental health issues are perceived, studied and evaluated. The aim of this assignment is to reflect on two things: (1) how your relationship with the environment has framed its connection to public health, and (2) how your relationship the environment has influenced the management of public health concerns?

- How do you define the environment ( urban, rural, built, nature, etc)?
- How do you view the protection of environmental health in our society?
- Were you exposed to environmental health issues in your formative years? If so,
- How has your relationship to the environment been influenced by your family or
community of origin?
- Based on your experience, what is the importance of environmental protection in the
context of public health?
- Do you have a specific social or educational experience that has influenced your thought
and/or actions with respect to environmental health?
- Should humans have a greater standard of protection compared to other species?
- What is your view of policy and/or laws that relate to environmental health?
- What do you consider as top environmental health issues for us to focus on for the future?

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