Instructions How to Write

Difficult Conversations as Part of Human Resource Development

Interview a supervisor or school leader where you work on the topic of "How do you handle difficult conversations?" Include in your work at the end of your paper a summary of what you learned about this topic through this brief interview with a supervisor or leader you have chosen. What can we learn from their work?

Include in your paper:

A description of the setting

A description of the employee in terms of responsibilities

A statement and description of the problem you have noted

A plan for how you will address the problem to include:

What you will do prior to the conversation

How and where you will conduct the meeting with the employee

What your goals are for the meeting

Points you would address with the employee

Questions you may ask the employee

How you would involve the employee as a participant in this meeting

How you will follow up and monitor the change needed

What you would do if the problem is solved and noted by you in time

What you would do if the problem is not solved and you need to take further action

And finally, what advice did you learn from a supervisor or leader about having a difficult conversation

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