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Eight Assertions of Discrimination

It is to follow the 8 assertions of social problems as your outline.You must address each assertion with references from the text, outside references and/or statistical information. Connect theory to the problem as well. You can also do your own “mini” survey of people’s view of your social problem today as compared to earlier years.
Social problems result from the ways in which society operates: connect this to the 3 sociological theories on how society is viewed to “operate”.
Social problems are not caused by bad people. So, who does cause your social problem? Back this up with stats/studies not your opinion.
Social problems are socially constructed as people define a condition as harmful and in need of change. How is your problem “socially constructed”?
People see problems differently. Survey on your own or find stats on it. Who sees the problem differently? Men, women, older people, teens, politics ?
Definitions of problems change over time. Find research on your problem of comparison of it in the past and now. For example how was the family depicted on TV 50 years ago compared to today?
Problems involve subjective values, as well as objective facts. Find what people “think” about your topic not just measured facts. You could again survey local people here on this. Get a good sample/mixed sample.
Many but not all social problems can be solved. Can yours be solved? How? Back it up with research not just your opinion. What is being done about the problem now?

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