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Revised Marketing Plan

A self-designed Revised Strategic Marketing Plan based on a company that has either poorly executed on its international expansion or has reached market saturation in its domestic market and now forced to pursue: (1) horizontal and (2) vertical international integration or new penetration strategies. You must illustrate how your strategy will combine horizontal links to markets with increased vertical integration in its new supply chain strategy. Quantify how the first intervention (horizontal integration) will lead to top line revenue growth while quantifying how the second intervention (vertical integration) leads to decreased below-the-low SGA & COGS costs.

Both must be footed to a pro-forma income statement and linked to net income. You must demonstrate what the business case is before even outlining the appropriate levers that would be required to execute your new domestic or international strategic initiative. You must take the tools you acquired in Strategic Marketing to ensure that your marketing redeployment analysis supports your vertical and horizontal strategic Marketing initiatives.

• Market analysis:
o Current market position and situation for the company and industry. (Market share, customer demography, etc.)
o SWOT analysis
o Competitor Analysis
o Innovation & opportunities

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