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Identity, Culture & Community

“Meanings of Home: Culture, (un)Belonging, and Exile”
It must be remembered that the oppressed and the oppressor are bound together within the same society; they both alike depend on the same reality” (James Baldwin).
Part I—Identity, Culture & Community (Self Reflection--Minimum of Three Typed Double Spaced (3) Pages. Using any of the activities that address identity and social categories, and the readings as foundations, write an essay that discusses home, family, culture, and community. You may begin with a particular childhood experience and show how this experience has influenced what you think about yourself, your culture, your family, your community, and how social categories are an extent of your critical understanding. Think about the things that form whom you are and how your home, family and community have influenced your personal development. How has your education, neighborhood, friends etc. shaped who you are? Attempt to step a bit outside of yourself as you write this piece and draw analytical conclusions about who you are and who you hope to be. Use as much descriptive language as you can.
Questions to Ponder (QTP): Your essay should address some aspect of the following questions.
Please embed your answers in your essay:
1. In what community (or communities) did you grow up? What was the population of the community in which you grew up? Was it rural, urban, suburban? Diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, or class? How does this affect your identity?
2. What is your racial/ethnic background? When were you first aware of your racial/ethnic identity? What did you learn about being a person of your racial/ethnic group(s)? How did you learn this?
Regardless of the question set, you select, please also address gender and/or class as it connects to your identity. Please use the Kirk & Okazawa-Rey and/or Sensoy & DiAngelo ( see documents attached" readings; and the Culture & Identity, and Prof Notes (Framing the discussion) handouts to help
frame/support your discussion. Your essay must include a formal introduction, body, and conclusion.

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