Instructions How to Write


General background on COVID-19, a sentence or two on the following:
1. history of COVID-19 and how the pandemic started
2. Virology
3. Statistics and epidemiology
4. Risk factors?
5. Symptoms
6. Investigations and confirmation of disease
7. Management and treatment
8. Prognosis

General background on the cutaneous manifestations of COVID-19:
1. Briefly listing the cutanoeus manifestations of COVID-19

A more focused discussion on chilblains
1. A general really short review on chilblains
2. Statistics on/frequency Covid associated chilblains
3. Pathogenesis
4. Clinical presentation
5. Onset (before of after Covid symptoms?, my patient developed her lesions after the onset of her Sx, what does the evidence say so far)
6. Are patients PCR positive or have IgG/IgM immunoglobulins at the time of lesion development (my patient had a positive PCR when the lesions in her hands had developed, is this described in the literature?)
7. Lesion development and disease severity (my patient had a severe presentation and course of disease, so of its associated with a milder presentation/course, that would be an important point to note)
8. Prognosis (lesions in my patient still haven’t shown an improvement, and its been a week since they had developed, is this typical?)
9. Treatment

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