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Primary Text Analysis: Wonder Woman

.Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen & V for Vendetta and arguably one of the most influential comic creators of our time argues: “The main reason why comics can’t work as films is largely because everybody who is ultimately in control of the film industry is an accountant… they’re going to show it to the backers and then they’re going to say, we want this in it, and this in it and where’s the monster? There is more integrity in comics." Wonder Woman first appears in 1941 and subsequent Wonder Woman comics have been created ever since. Does the 2013 version Wonder Woman Vol 1: Blood (The New 52) by Azzarello & Chiang have more “integrity” than the 2017 film directed by Patty Jenkins? * This question allows you to interpret what integrity means in the context of Wonder Woman. Does the 2013 comic version capture your idea of who Wonder Woman is? What about the film adaptation by Patty Jenkins? * Be sure to examine both characters and themes in your response and identify which version has more “integrity”.

Ø Intro: Context is provided by formally introducing the primary sources and creators, explaining the aspect of literary analysis to be examined and providing a clear thesis in response to the question provided.
Ø Considers literary concepts & critical theory covered to date in class
Ø Responds to all parts of the question
Ø Conclusion: Clear & concise summary of main ideas and final conclusions to be drawn about the story
Ø Uses three (3) direct, properly integrated quotes from the graphic novel for support

Ø 3-5 sentence introduction & 3-5 sentence conclusion are provided
Ø Multiple body paragraphs are provided
Ø Each body paragraph contains a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a closing sentence
Ø Writing is engaging and clear, demonstrates critical thinking
Ø Ideas are supported with specific examples from the text
Ø Offers concrete analysis as opposed to summary when examining literary concepts and providing examples

Required sources:
Wonder Woman Vol 1: Blood (The New 52) by Azzarello & Chiang
Wonder Woman, the 2017 film directed by Patty Jenkins

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