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Prayer in schools

Government Research Paper, Part 1 – Research
At the end of this class, you will be assigned to write a research style paper investigating how the US Federal Government effects the lives of citizens.
First, pick a topic from the list below that interests you:
• Prayer in Schools
• Affirmative Action
• Miranda Rights
• Death Penalty
• Abortion (Roe v. Wade)
• Welfare
• Immigration
• Minimum Wage and/or Wage Gap
• Government Response to Terrorism
• Same-sex marriage
• Climate change
• Universal Health Care
• Drug laws
• NSA Surveillance of Citizens
• Online Privacy Laws
• No Child Left Behind Act
• Title IX Athletics
• Smoking Bans
• Steroids in Sports
Now that you have chosen a topic, you will research how the three branches of the US Federal Government has interacted with that topic and how it effects the citizens of the US. What cases has the Supreme Court looked at? How has the President or FBI/CIA treated your topic? What laws have been passed by the Legislative branch?
For this assignment you will need to find at least three references that you will use to gather information for your paper. You should have a unique source to talk about each branch of government, so at least one source discussing the legislative branch’s interaction with your topic, one source discussion the judicial branch’s interaction with your topic, and one source discussing the executive branch’s interaction with your topic.
After you have found your sources, you will need to save them and/or take notes on their content, you will use the information you learn from the sources to write your paper. Because you are using these sources in your paper, you will need to cite them! Using Word, you will create a reference page for your research. You will be using MLA formatting for these citations, and you can find a guide on how to make MLA citations at this link:
Each citation should also be listed under the government branch that it is being used to reference, so for instance, if I used the Encyclopedia Britannica article about smoking to talk about how the legislative branch passed smoking ban laws, I would list my citation underneath the heading of Legislative Branch. You should turn in a references page that looks just like the one below but includes at least 3 of your own researched references.

Executive Branch
Works Cited
Thomas, Dave. “Why the President Hates Smoking.” New York Times. New York Times, June 2011. Web. 28 July 2015.
Judicial Branch
“Clark v. Rameker.” 12 June 2014. Web. 28 July 15 Legislative Branch The American Legacy Foundation, 2012. Web. 28 July 15.
When you have completed your works cited page, save it as FirstInitial_LastNameWorksCited and upload the page to EdMastery. (For example, J_MorganWorksCited).

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