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Linux Implementation Proposal

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Linx, LLC has a new research and development group called LSDG. All systems in LSDG will run the Linux operating system and will access resources, as well as share resources, with Linx, LLC’s Microsoft Active Directory domain. The domain consists of several Windows Server 2012 R2 servers running various services (Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, web services, printing and file services). There is an innovative research and development setup for Linx LLC known as LSDG. The research group or rather a team will employ a Linux operating system to retrieve and share the utility resources available in the domain for Microsoft Active Directory in the Linx LLC. System. Generally, there exist inadequate servers with the Microsoft 2012 R2 Server that provides control for Web Services, AD, Domain Name System, Printing and Filing services where Linux systems have access privileges. Presently, Linx LLC receives about 500 client requests into their systems that running on Windows 7 and Windows XP. The Windows XP operating system will be substituted with the RedHat OS. Ostensibly, this proposal comprises theconfigurations as well as requirements desired and necessary to offset and replace the existing Windows XP operating systems

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LSDG will make use of file sharing capabilities within the network to share files within the group securely. The logical administration of the database will be available through a database management system. LSDG will be given a logical partition of the database where they will have their files. Any user with LSDG credentials will be able to access the files stored on this logical partition. This will enable LSDG members to share their files on the network securely. The system administrator will grant any other person the permission required to access files stored in LSDG’s partition

rinting will be handled on the system by use of a central printer server. All the machines in the entire system and all the printers in the network will be connected to this printer server. Once any client needs to do printing, their machine will send a request to the printer server and the server will allocate a printer to the client based on location and availability. The LSDG system will access the domain name system (DNS) by matching the website being searched with its IP address. The IP addresses in most cases are long figures which are hard to recall. Therefore computers within the network will make use of IP address which gives them the protocol for accessing the domain name systems (Zanella et al., 2014). Data encryption is important as it ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot access the data especially during transmission. This means that all data being transmitted within the network will be encrypted to ensure that it is only available to authorized people. The data stored in the databases will also be encrypted to ensure that any unauthorized access does not lead to leakage (Welsh, Dalheimer, Dawson & Kaufman, 2013).

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The network administrator will have the task of configuring the Linux system so that computers can communicate with each other in the network. The use of ifconfi command will allow the database administrator to configure the interface of the system. The ifconfig permits initialization of the interface and assign the IP address to it. This permits the enabling and disabling of the system interface when needed. Once each system receives the IP address through ifconfig command, the administrator can then test the connectivity of any two nodes by use of ping command, followed by IP address of the system (Zanella et al., 2014). The safe sharing of files within groups can be ensured by creating a directory of files that belongs to a group of users. This directory is then shared among users who are members of this group. The use of a central printer server eliminates the need for each client machine being connected physically to a printer and reduces the number of printers needed to serve the system (Welsh, Dalheimer, Dawson & Kaufman, 2013).The use of chmod command is required to make it possible for the addition of users(s) to the suitable group. This means that users of the group will have equal access to the directory using log in credentials. Any user not listed in the group will not be authorized by the system to gain access to the system

This implies that files belonging to a group are secured from access by illegal users (Rittinghouse & Ransome, 2016).

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To conclude, Windows XP hardware components that the company has can accommodate the Linux operating systems. Linux operating system is not as dense compared to Windows system, therefore; a computer will function faster and efficiently while it is on Linux system. While Windows are the commonly used Operating system, Linux provides a user-friendly interface that is much more simple compared to Windows. Installing Linux on a large scale is more time saving when the automatic method is put in place. The method allows for the selection of additional packages that can be installed and can also be left unattended. Therefore, the automatic method presents ease of work and is efficacious in the organizational setup

Moreover, data sharing and internet connection via Linux operating system are made easier through the introduction of simple mechanisms where an individual can access the network control panel. Therefore, Linux is the best operating system that the organization can install on their computers.

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