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Why the United States Should Not Have Any More Gun Control Laws

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Gun control refers to legal measures taken to prevent the possession and use of firearms, also, it also restricts sale and transfer of firearms by the normal citizens

Gun control, especially in the most developed countries, is strict however in others it is a fraught political issue. The United States of America has always had a tangled and romantic history with guns, and as the nation owning more guns than any other country in the world, some Americans view gun ownership and violence as a grave social danger.

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One of the founding fathers included Second Amendment from the Constitution, because it was made very aware of the fact that there might once again come a time when American citizens would have to fight for their freedom. Of course guns fall in the wrong hands or hands of criminals are harmful. But taking away guns from honest individuals or law abiding citizens do nothing to solve the problem of those who would misuse guns. Criminals will always have guns or find ways to get them, whether we accept it or not. Even in other countries where guns are completely illegal, criminals will simply manufacture or smuggle weapons. The Soviet Army was unable to successfully impose gun control on the small country of Afghanistan. In the United States of America today, criminals import weapons (guns) that law abiding citizens are banned from possessing. What would happen if a nation with guns in every household? The nation is Switzerland. The Swiss does not have to fight a foreign war for over hundreds of years (the last fight in Switzerland was a one month affair in 1847), and their crimes rate is among the lowest in the world

The United States of America can only envy their record. To carry a firearm in the state of California, it requires a permit commonly called Carry Concealed Weapons. CCWs are issued by the discretion of the chief of police of a city of the County, or a sheriff of the County, where the applicants live. As long as the applicants or individuals passes the background check provided by California Department of Justice (DOJ), and a chief of police or a sheriff may issue permit to applicants.

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While there is good and bad to both sides of the debate on gun control, this debate is an Issue of Policy, and action is needed to enforce stricter gun control laws (Goode, Erica, 2013). Although the government may pass strict laws regarding gun ownership and usage, it is up to the states to enforce these laws. In addition, although the Bill of Rights gave Americans the right to bear arms, there is a debate on how this outdated Amendment should be interpreted today. Nonetheless, stricter gun control laws are needed since gun control makes weapons less accessible to criminals and the mentally ill, it can reduce the number of murders in our country, and the Second Amendment was targeted towards militias and does not give all Americans the constitutional right to own a weapon. Stricter gun control laws are needed since mandatory background checks to possess a firearm helps to ensure that criminals, mentally ill individuals, or terrorists who pose a threat to national security will not obtain and misuse a firearm

Although criminals have been known to illegally obtain guns through the black market, background checks for purchasing and privately transferring guns helps to prevent criminals from acquiring weapons since those on parole and probation are not allowed to possess weapons. Further, Erica Goode argued that the Dark Knight shooting in Aurora, Colorado was carried out by a mentally ill individual, and stricter gun control laws can stop mentally ill people from repeating these shooting. Finally, stricter gun control laws make it difficult for terrorists to obtain weapons in the United States. Therefore, tougher gun control laws, including mandatory background checks, would prevent these individuals from being able to obtain and misuse a firearm (Murphy, Sherry, 2013).

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In essence, there is no correlation between waiting periods and murder or robbery rates. Banning high-capacity magazines will not necessarily deter crime because even small gun magazines can be changed in seconds.The “gun show loophole” is virtually nonexistent because commercial dealers, who sell the majority of guns at shows and elsewhere, are bound by strict federal laws.

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