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PgM and PfM Maintenance

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In the Project-Based Enterprise (PBO), the corporation relies on projects in two significant ways. The PBO uses projects to deliver systems, products, or services to their customers. Examples include corporations that sell in the architecture and construction industry, Aerospace and Defense industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry. In other cases, corporations may use projects to develop enterprise capabilities such as IT infrastructure updates, new product development (NPD), modernizing production operations, launching new branch openings, to name a few.

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Maintenance is a critical part of any airline operation. As an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holder, an airline must be a Part M Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) under European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations. Under these regulations, the airline is ultimately responsible for the maintenance and airworthiness of all its aircraft, therefore the decision to outsource such a task must be carefully considered in order to assess all the associated risk. An airline must not only decide what type of maintenance activities, if any, it may want to conduct in-house, but also decide between different maintenance providers for the activities it wishes to outsource. Different organisations will have different values and cultures, and an airline must pick an organisation it can trust with such responsibility. When considering the task to be outsourced, the airline must evaluate whether it can develop the capabilities of conducting some task itself, or whether all activities will be provided by an external organisation. When analysing the maintenance of an aircraft, the airline must consider both line and base maintenance. Line maintenance includes general checks which may be carried out after each flight, daily or weekly. They do not generally pull the aircraft out of service for large amounts of time and can be carried out at the gate. Base maintenance is generally considered for much larger task, and involves the aircraft being out of operation for a larger length of time, in a hanger, whilst the maintenance is conducted. The decision to outsource base, line or both types of maintenance activities must be carefully considered

In order to carry out any maintenance activity, the airline would need to be a Part 145 approved maintenance organisation for the type of aircraft they wish to operate. To carry out maintenance activities, investment will be needed for tools, equipment, labour, hanger and other overheads. Generally base maintenance would require much more investment in larger hangers, more labour, and more tools and equipment in order to carry out larger maintenance task, whereas line maintenance will require relatively less investment. Therefore it is far more common for airlines to outsource base maintenance to specialist repair centres, but keep line maintenance in-house.

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Lufthansa Technik offers its MRO maintenance services around the clock. The company is capable of performing maintenance checks on customer aircraft in more than 60 airports in Germany and across the world. As mentioned before, the Lufthansa Technik hub has a mobile maintenance service, which is available around the clock (Jefferson et al., 2018). The service group is known as AST (Airline Support Team), and it is unique in such a way that it can perform both marketing and maintenance services. The team has highly qualified mechanics and engineers who repair damage engines and components of the airframe anywhere across the world – within a few hours the team will ensure that the disruption of the client’s flying operation is reduced

The technical maintenance aspect that is offered by Lufthansa Technik plays an essential role in ensuring punctual, cost-effective, and safe flight operations of an airline. Furthermore, the loss of an aircraft because it is unserviceable is expensive concerning customer trust and monetary loss. There is the aspect of the image loss and revenue loss, especially when passengers get annoyed because of delays and trip cancellations.

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On balance, the PFM provides leadership for the Department of the Interior in improving financial management, internal controls, and improved reporting capability. The PFM provides direction, planning, and coordination for financial policy, procedures, reporting, systems, analysis, and audit follow-up. The PFM provides the necessary leadership to continue to improve the effective and efficient use of DOI’s resources, provide timely and accurate information for stakeholders and program managers, and respond to citizens’ needs.

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