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Human Sexuality - Reflection Questions

Reflection Questions

1. Sex ed films were created to teach people about sex and health, and some people felt that this type of education shouldn't be in schools. The documentary mentioned some of the dangers of having sex education only occur at home. What were some of their reasons? Where do you think sex education should be taught, and why?
2. Think about how information about sex was communicated in the sex ed films discussed in the documentary. How was it different for boys/men versus girls/women?
3. Do you think there are aspects of sex that are still communicated differently between girls/women and boys/men today? What double standards do you notice in your life regarding sex? Are they positive or negative? How does this affect you? Is it positive or negative? Why?

4. Guilt was a topic that came up in the films regarding sex. How was this message different for boys/men versus girls/women? Why might this be harmful? What might be do to combat this?

5. How did the sex ed films discuss (or not discuss) masturbation, and for whom? Do you think this is appropriate? Why or why not? What effect do you think this could have on girls'/women's and boys/men's understanding of sex and sexuality?

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