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Sweden vs Germany Response to COVID

This Forum Discussion is centered around an analytical comparison of how two countries -- Sweden and Germany -- responded to the Covid 19 crisis. To address this Discussion, you must research the issue.

1. Describe the policy responses that the governments of Sweden and Germany sanctioned to address the Covid 19 crisis. In doing so, please go back to either February of March 2020. Please place particular emphasis on the economic measures that were adopted by both governments.

2. Come back to the present moment (say, July 2020) and highlight the most important results that have been obtained so far in both countries. Please frame your answers with due attention to results in public health (total cases, total deaths, etc) and in the economy (for example, impact of the measures in GDP, employment, etc). Please feel free to choose the indicators that you deem most important. Please do not ignore that Germany has ten times the population of Sweden.

3. In light of the results indicated above, how do you rate the policies responses adopted by both countries? In your opinion, which of these two countries adopted the best set of policies? Put simply, is the Sweden "Model" superior to the German "Model" or viceversa? Please explain your answer.

4. Pick Germany and suppose you are a policy advisor. What would be the most important recommendation you would propose now?

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