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Homelessness, Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Homelessness continues to be one of the most prevalent problems in the United States, the country labeled to be one of the riches and likely place for one to succeed. Yet, the largest portion of citizens have found themselves struggling with homelessness. At one time the country was " victim blaming", as we so easily do. We say that people that are homeless are " lazy, crazy, or mismanaged their money". All of these things could be the answer, however as social workers we think from a strength based perspective. We attempt to see the " bigger picture" and explore why things happen and is there a connection to who things are happening to. We all area honestly a paycheck or circumstance away from Homelessness, especially in New York where we all know " The RENT is too Damn High" :=). We laugh at the things we often can't change as we experience them as a community, No one here is alone. Homelessness affects us all. Review the following readings and video clip and complete the following discussion

How does Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Low wages collectively affect the Homeless population and {minorities that are not far from a grave concern of Homelessness}? What can the field of social work do as a New and progressive measure to incorporate a more secure and stable home environment for vulnerable populations to reduce homelessness? Lastly, If you were homeless service social worker, what would be your plan of action/ suggestion to government?

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